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Mermaid Hair - fun festival hair extensions and ties

Mermaid Hair - fun festival hair extensions and ties

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We scoured the Fundy coast, picking up Mermaid hair and other trinkets to bring you these fun braids just in time for summer music festivals and other summer fun! These synthetic hair extensions are already styled for you, you just need to wrap them around your ponytail or space buns.

These 18"+ extensions feature a stretchy (non-elastic) hair tie that won't rip or damage your hair. These are handmade braids and bubbles, with each hair tie having sections of loose hair, 1 braid + 2 bubble braids.

There is one hair tie with several sections of hair on each tie (between 4-6 strands) per item. If you would like 2 hair ties, please order 2 of the same colour.

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