Valentines Day Top Ten Tips for Makers

Valentines Day is just around the corner, which means a big boost to our bottom line. Not just for lovers, V-Day is fun for so many different people, and we are here to help you design a product for everyone. Check out this fun list of design ideas!

  1. Traditional V-Day
    Bring out all your normal Valentines Day molds and get ready to make! We suggest picking a colour palette and working exclusively in that colour scheme. Imagine the impact of product photography with all your product line done in shades of purple and gold, for example. Your products are instantly updated without the investment into new molds, packaging or design. Our bestselling scent each year? Cocoa Butter Cashmere!
  2. Anti-Valentines
    Not everyone wants to celebrate love on February 14, and Anti-Valentines Day products can add a different, tongue-in-cheek option to your product line. Visualize your traditional heart-shaped products, and turn them black! We love a gorgeous midnight-black skull bath bomb with embedded rose petals, a black candle with heart glitter, or a pure white soap with a black heart embed. For a non-traditional fragrance, why not try something really different, like our Dark Crystal Fragrance Oil.
  3. Galentines/Palentines
    Some of our favourite customers at this time of year are people buying for their friends. We love the Conversation Heart bath bomb molds offered by Breaking The Mold. Go for Limoncello Italian Soda Fragrance Oil, a universally appealing fragrance that is perfect for the season, because we like to treat all our friends with something special!
  4. Family Valentines
    Moms just love to splurge on Valentines Day to show their family how much they are loved. Of course, they are buying for their kids - so kid-themed options are great. We love doing a twist on kid favourites, unicorns, mermaids and pirates all done in pinks and purples or bags of minis with a cute Valentines Day tag or label. Moms aren't just shopping for the kids though - they're also picking up goodies for their spouses, their moms, and their sisters. Pick up some Easter Egg Hunt Fragrance Oil or Nanaimo Bars for these ones, and let that fragrance oil serve double-duty for Easter products as well.
  5. Pride Valentines
    LGBTQIA+ couples and allies alike love some rainbow-themed gifts at Valentines Day. Layer those colours and show some love! We love scenting each colour with a different, fruity scent - think candles with different layers of scent, cloud bath bombs with rainbow embeds, or soaps! Great options for this are: Strawberry Angel Food Cake, Berry Picking Time, Black Raspberry Cream, Satsuma.
  6. X-Rated Valentines
    Nothing is funnier than a good NSFW product. Whether you're using X-rated shapes in your products, or the products themselves are meant for couples (now's the time to launch that massage oil), couples want a gift they can experience together. Of course, you know we're going to use Butt Naked Fragrance for these ones!
  7. Goth Valentines
    Repurposing some of your Hallowe'en ideas into Valentines Day ideas is such a unique way to express your creativity. Pink crow skull embeds, a cauldron full of red or pink bath bomb mix, a pink or red love potion...just imagine a goth-themed Valentines Day theme. Anyone done a Wednesday Adams line yet? This is a perfect time to pull out the Buttered Beer Fragrance Oil, a sweet, butterscotch fragrance that has people begging for it all year round!
  8. Cottage Core Valentines
    We love the cottage core aesthetic, and it can be such a simple way to add romance and drama to your products. Keep it simple and add rose petals, lavender buds, and other botanicals to your products. We also love the use of pink and black rock salt & pink peppercorns. To match this aesthetic, we love the use of Field of Dreams Fragrance Oil - soft, slightly floral but very appealing, or  Secret Wonder Fragrance Oil - soft fruit with amber undertones.
  9. Mini Valentines
    People do love gifting at Valentines Day, so do consider offering adorable minis. How you package them are key - add a tag to each one so people can write a Valentines Day message and gift these minis as a Valentine! Wax melts, floating tea lights, mini soaps, tiny pots of body butter, package in a compostable bag  (we love these ones from Clear Bags).
  10. Valentines Gift Sets
    Tried and true, the gift set is what every single last-minute shopper is looking for. Make it easy, pick a couple of great price points (we like $25 and $45). Add your bestsellers to each set - and for an added bonus, why not collaborate with a local maker who makes something to compliment your set? We love the idea of adding another artisan's products to your mix, so find your favourite local vendor and brainstorm on what you can offer together. BONUS TIP: collaborate online and hold a contest to win the Valentines Day Gift Set!

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