Collection: Wholesale Products

We are aware that the current owner/distributor of a fragrance distributor has closed their business. We know that your beloved fragrances are a pillar of your business, and we will be bringing in the top fragrances for you. You've designed your business around these scents and as makers ourselves, we know how frantic it is to try to find replacements.

Please use the live chat function to let us know what fragrances you want and timelines. We will do our absolute best to bring in options in a timely manner.

Shipping: We are currently shipping orders with 24 hour turnaround or less.

Our core values are great service, fast order processing, honesty and transparency. We use our products in soap and candle making, we would love to help you with your questions. Please use the live chat function, as long as we aren't elbow-deep in soap batter, we'll answer right away!