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Bite Me Fragrance Oil

Bite Me Fragrance Oil

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Effervescent and fresh citrus notes of lime and orange, with a luscious blend of cherry, berry, and playful memories! This is a pure sweet cherry scent, an excellent scent for special occasions as well. Think of Valentines Day, Cherry Slushies in summertime, Dark Cherry at Hallowe'en and into Christmas. Very versatile fragrance that will find its way into the hearts of your customers.

Specs Summary and Documents IFRA    SDS    EU
Phthalate Free: yes
Flashpoint: 70°C
Vanillin: <1%
CP Soap Acceleration: no
CP Soap Discolour: slight
Max Usage Rate for Soap: 4.08%
Max Usage Rate for Lotion: 0.53%


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