Collection: Easter

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Introducing our delightful Easter-inspired collection, where the spirit of the changing seasons come alive. From whimsical egg-shaped bath bomb wreaths to decadent Easter donuts adorned with egg-shaped soaps, our lineup captures the essence of this joyous season in every detail.

Our bath bombs are the perfect addition to any easter basket: check out the Easter Egg Wreath, with 6 egg-shaped bath bombs all individually wrapped and shaped in a wreath. Perfect to add one, two, or even three eggs to your bath! Satisfy your sweet tooth with our Easter donuts, adorned with adorable egg-shaped soaps on top. For those who adore the classic Easter candy, check out the Peeps bath bombs.

And for a truly unique sensory experience, try our soap that smells like chocolate with a hint of freshly cut grass. Close your eyes and imagine yourself wandering through a sun-drenched meadow, surrounded by the sweet aroma of springtime blooms and the irresistible scent of rich chocolate in your Easter basket.

With our Easter-inspired collection, every moment becomes a celebration of the season's joy and renewal. Treat yourself to a little indulgence and let the magic of Spring infuse your bath time rituals.