Collection: Gnome Grove

Good things come to gnomes who wait! Join us on a whimsical adventure with our Gnome-inspired bath and body collection. This scent profile is gorgeous - bergamot zest, fennel seeds & moss-covered stones, new growth jasmine buds and vetiver. 

Adorable gnome-shaped soaps sporting vibrant red hats and cute little noses. A little gnome fact, all of our soaps are made by hand with our signature cold-process recipe, hand-piping and sculpting the details.

Go big or go gnome when it comes to soft skin. Scrub away your worries with our sugar scrub, leaving your skin feeling soft, smooth, and moisturized. Slather on some lotion and make sure you're softer than gnome-body else! 

With our Gnome-inspired collection, bath time becomes an adventure filled with laughter, magic, and a whole lot of fun! Cottage core vibes rule this spring, stay tuned for more from our Woodland Creatures Spring 2024 collection.