Collection: Gold Tooth Pirate

Saint John sits on the Bay of Fundy, the gateway to the North Atlantic and the home of generations of swashbuckling pirates. With rugged coastlines as far as the eye can see, secret bays and inlets, the home of the world's largest tidal variation was a favourite for infamous pirates. Captain Kidd, Blackbeard, and Black Bart all arrived in New Brunswick to swindle and plunder their way to riches, gather supplies, and find a port in the storm.

Our own family has a history of piracy, we are descendents of an original settler from the Dutch West India Company in New Amsterdam.  Anthony Janszoon van Salee is the owner's 11x great grandfather. Read about this amazing individual who had a very different life experience and perspective compared to the colony. 

Our Gold-Tooth Pirate collection is a tribute to the pirates of the North Atlantic. A tantalizing fusion of frankincense, gold, and myrrh, this collection is bold and fearless. It exudes the sexy allure of adventure on the high seas and dares you to embrace your inner swashbuckler.