Collection: Signature New Brunswick Collections

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Honey & Oat - infused with New Brunswick honey and colloidal oatmeal, this line is unscented and uncoloured. It is great for very sensitive skin.

Atlantic Seamist - featuring a New Brunswick lobster soap on the top, the soap contains New Brunswick dulse, harvested from Grand Manan. Great for skin, dulse contains minerals that are essential to great skin health!

Sea Rover - inspired by seafarers, this fragrance is inspired by citrus and patchouli essential oils. Citrus to curb scurvy, and patchouli to cover up the various odours a sailor might bring ashore.

Gold-Tooth Pirate - inspired by tales of piracy, this scent collection is rich and charming, with a base of frankincense and myrrh. Features gold & sea kelp.

Mermaid Tales - sailors tell stories of mermaid sightings in the Bay of Fundy, and we believe them! This soap is fruity and sweet, like the sirens of the Atlantic.

Fundy Fog - inspired by a steeped Earl Grey tea and steamed milk, enjoying a hot cuppa on a foggy morning with the sound of crashing waves in the distance.

Brunswick Birch - tall trees adorned the shorelines and interior of New Brunswick, and the lumber industry shaped our modern cities of today. This collection pays homage to the lumberjack - woodsy and earthy with a slight smokey finish.

Lavender - a tribute to the acadian heritage of New Brunswick, Canada's only bilingual province! A perfectly balanced Lavender from the fields of New Brunswick.