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Charcoal, Tea Tree & White Willow Bark Oil Cleanser

Charcoal, Tea Tree & White Willow Bark Oil Cleanser

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This velvety-smooth stick goes on like a dream! Simply swipe the stick across your face. Massage into your skin. Then wet your hands with water and massage into your skin - watch as the oils emulsify into a gorgeous lotion-like cleanser. Simply rinse clean with water or a washcloth. We like to put this on before a shower, then simply rinse under the water!

No detergents, no soaps, only skin-nourishing goodness. Each stick is infused with Vitamin E and amazing, olive-oil based products that won't strip your skin or alter the skin microbiome. The stick also will not leave your skin feeling tight or dry, given the incredible array of skin-loving oils and emulsifiers in this luxury skin cleanser.

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