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Fresh Shave - Cream Shave Soap & Mug

Fresh Shave - Cream Shave Soap & Mug

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We offer a variety of soaps, all designed to bring out the best of the ingredients contained within!

Our Cold Process Soap starts with our custom blend of rich oils and butters - olive oil, shea butter, coconut oil and avocado oil. We leave a percentage of the oils and butters intact, giving you a rich, cleansing bar that won't dry out your skin. Rich, thick lather, gorgeous scent and long-lasting. Our signature line includes:

Ol' Salt Unscented - made with Atlantic Sea Salt, no added fragrance or colour
Lavender - simple and pure, french lavender essential oil
Eucalyptus Mint - a cooling and fresh combination of essential oils
Blueberry Bliss - infused with New Brunswick blueberries
Seaweed & Spearmint - infused with New Brunswick dulse, sea clay & sea kelp
Honey & Oat - made with New Brunswick honey and colloidal oatmeal, no added fragrance or colour
Whiskey & Woodsmoke - infused with white willow bark & activated charcoal

Glycerin Soap is made by cooking the soap and adding sorbitol, an alcohol-sugar, to turn the soap semi-translucent. Extra glycerin is added, along with other skin-loving oils and additives.

Liquid Soap is made by cooking the soap and using a different alkali to form liquid soap. This is a great detergent-free soap to have in the kitchen or high-traffic sinks!

Cream Soap is a combination of liquid and bar soap - primarily used as a shaving soap. This soap is mostly solid, like butter just out of the fridge. This sold is sold in puck format for refilling mugs, in our own mug, or in a tin or jar for travelling.

All of our soaps are made with our custom blend of olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter and avocado oil. All of our oils are organic, non-GMO, from sustainable sources with fair trade practices in place.

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