Maple Taffy (Tire Sur La Niege) Fragrance Oil

Maple Taffy (Tire Sur La Niege) Fragrance Oil

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The quintessential Canadian fragrance, Maple Taffy (Tire Sur La Niege) fragrance is sweet, with a base of warm amber and resin notes. Cinnamon sticks combine with maple, cedarwood essential oil, and a touch of bergamot to balance it perfectly. This instantly brings back memories of pouring maple syrup into the snow at the sugar shack!

Phthalate Free: yes
Flashpoint: >93°C
Vanillin / ET Vanillin: 1.55% / 1.45%
CP Soap Acceleration: none
CP Soap Discolour: tan

Max Usage Rate for Soap:
Max Usage Rate for Lotion:
Max Usage Rate for Candles/Melts:

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